Liveaboard diving focuses around the western coast of the largest of the 8, the “big island” also aptly named the same as the state: Hawaii. Diving in Hawaii is defined by dramatic underwater landscapes of volcanic sculptures and topography, formed over the last half a million years. Fish life abounds and reefs are healthy and colourful throughout the area.

Most of the diving is done near the shore on lave ridges and walls which jut out from the coast sharply. These uniquely shaped rocky outcrops are perfect habitat for coral reefs to grow on and fish to find protection within. Many of the black rocks are still in the same condition they were formed ages ago, while others show dramatic signs of ware from the constant movement of water over them. Coral reefs full of black coral trees are endless, and sea turtles are often spotted lazily chewing on some sea grass or algae at sites like Stoney Mesas and Kalokos Arches.

Manta rays are always the highlight of many of the trips to Hawaii. The very best way to experience manta rays in Hawaii is to go on a night dive at sites like Keahole Point, otherwise known as Manta Theater. Lights are lowered into the water to bring in swarms of plankton and other tiny organisms to the bays. Hungry mantas can’t help put become attracted by all this food in the water the, and often swim within inches of divers while always managing to avoid contact at the last second. Getting this close to these ethereal mantas is truly an experience of a lifetime. And Humpback Whales can sometimes bee seen as they migrate through Hawaii from November to February.

Trips to the west coast depart and return from Kailua-Kona pier on Hawaii island, just 20 minutes drive from Kona International Airport; and are 8 days / 7 nights long, usually always to and from Saturdays. If you are coming from the airport, then you may only hire a taxi, as per Hawaiian law pick-ups are not allowed.

Recommended Diving Liveaboards

Kona Aggressor 2

From 329 USD/Day
The Big Island's volcanic underwater topography is a diver's wonderland. Lava tubes, bommies, arches and huge craters like “Au Au Crater,” create a spectacular backdrop for Hawaii’s many indigenous (...)

Truk Master

From 386 USD/Day
Truk Master is a professional dive yacht running by Master Liveaboard Fleet, it offers a regular 7 nights and 10 nights dive liveaboard trip in Truk Lagoon, it can max. host 16 guests per trip. (...)

Rock Islands Aggressor

From 291 USD/Day
Rock Islands Aggressor (formerly Tropic Dancer) is a professional dive yacht running by Aggressor Fleet, it offers a weekly dive liveaboard trip around Palau, it can max. host 18 guests per trip. (...)


From 294 USD/Day
SS Thornfinn is an old ice class Antarctic whaler boat, which has been converted in a very confortable diving boat. He offers a lot of space to its 22 guests, with a rich entertainment to having (...)

Other Choices

Palau Siren

From 363 USD/Day
Palau Siren combines luxury and tradition in one, offering you one-of-a-lifetime trip to Palau under the sails! Accommodating up to 16 guests in 8 comfortable cabins, it offers 7- and 10-night (...)

Ocean Hunter 3

From 433 USD/Day
Ocean Hunter III is a luxury boat offering Palau Diving Liveaboard to dive the best places as renowned as Blue Corner, German Channel, Peleliu and with the guarantee of freedom onboard. (...)

Ocean Hunter 1

From 446 USD/Day
Palau Diving Liveaboard to the best dive sites of Micronesia with Blue Corner, German Channel, Peleliu and lots of more to discover the big life living here. Liveaboard The Ocean Hunter I is a 20 (...)

Palau Agressor 2

From 291 USD/Day
Palau Aggressor II is a professional dive yacht running by Aggressor Fleet, it offers a weekly dive liveaboard trip around Palau, it can max. host 18 guests per trip. Palau's mushroom-shaped rock (...)