Cocos Island

The island’s accolades read like a list of superlatives: it is a UNESCO World Heritage Sight, nominated as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, and designated a Wetland of International Importance under the Ramsar Convention. This is the beauty of an untouched island by human and a sanctuary for all the living sea.

The beauty of Cocos Island has inspired man for centuries. It has been called “the most beautiful island in the world” by Jacques Cousteau and served as inspiration for Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island and Michael Crichton’s Jurassic Park. This is for many divers, their best memories from an underwater adventures.

Today the island is known as a rich, natural resource, but it was once considered rich for another reason: pirate booty. Make a trip to Cocos Island is at the usual difference, a trip to plan time ahead to be sure to travel on your dates and on the perfect season but hopefully this is a Year Round destination so feel free to ask us any "special" or good deal we can offer you on it.

Recommended Diving Liveaboards


From 573 USD/Day
ARGO is a 130-foot vessel (40 meters) with a full global reach. She is the ultimate experience for all kinds of diving, to explore the Cocos and Malpelo depths. This is the new Boat in the Sea (...)

Sea Hunter

From 513 USD/Day
The Sea Hunter is 115 feet of live-aboard comfort and convenience, specifically built for long-range dive expeditions to destinations like Cocos Island and Malpelo. This is a world renowned (...)

Okeanos Aggressor 1

From 320 USD/Day
Escape to Cocos Island a lush, green uninhabited island resting 300 miles off Costa Rica's Pacific coast. Rocky pinnacles surrounding Cocos are beacons for big animals and big action with an (...)

Okeanos Aggressor 2

From 358 USD/Day
Okeanos Aggressor II (formerly Wind Dancer) is a professional dive yacht running by Aggressor Fleet, it offers dive liveaboard trips in the Cocos Island and Caño Island in Costa Rica, it can max. (...)

Other Choices

Galapagos Sky

From 713 USD/Day
Galapagos Sky cruises the Galapagos Islands following a planned itinerary that is approved by the Galapagos National Park and includes visits to the very remote islands of Wolf and Darwin. (...)

Humboldt Explorer

From 500 USD/Day
Humboldt Explorer is a professional dive yacht running by Explorer Ventures Fleet, it offers a weekly dive liveaboard trip in the Galapagos Island in Ecuador, it can sleeps max. up to 16 guests. (...)

Galapagos Master

From 569 USD/Day
Galapagos Master is a professional dive yacht running by Master Liveaboard Fleet, it offers a regular 7 nights and 10 nights dive liveaboard trip in Galapagos Islands, it can max. host 16 guests (...)


From 417 USD/Day
Astrea is a new vessel that has been modified as a dive Liveaboard for our pleasure, it offer a really good price to bring you to the best dives sites in Galapagos, Darwin, Wolf and round Rock. (...)

Nautilus Belle Amie

From 499 USD/Day
Nautilus Belle Amie is a 135 foot, luxurious, modern vessel custom built for divers. It offers liveaboard diving trips to Socorro Islands and Guadalupe in Mexico. Liveaboard Nautilus Belle Amie (...)

Nautilus Explorer

From 332 USD/Day
Nautilus was custom designed for divers to the highest possible level of comfort and safety with a layout that use every square foot of available space. The crew takes exceptional pride in (...)


From 337 USD/Day
M/V Valentina offers comfortably diving liveaboard trips to SEA OF CORTEZ from the beautiful BAY OF LA PAZ, and to Socorro Islands from Puerto Los Cabos in Winter season. Liveaboard M/V Valentina (...)

Southern Sport

From 425 USD/Day
Southern Sport is operated by a professional Mexico local liveaboard operator with years of experience in diving, it offers dive liveaboard trips to Socorro Islands and Guadalupe Island according (...)