The beauty of Maldives is obvious: small islands surrounded by reefs are scattered in the clear water. Maldives Islands are grouped into 26 atolls. The Maldives are still among the best diving destinations in the world. The sites are varied: coral gardens with falling, dives into the current between the atolls, and a few wrecks.
There are many species of tropical fish and, of course, in most sites, reef sharks, turtles, eagle rays and manta rays are by appointment and sometimes whale sharks.
The dives are dives into the current. The dive boats (dhonis) does not throw the anchor, but drifted at the same time as the divers. The water temperature varies between 27 and 29 ° C throughout the year.

Scuba diving in the Maldives attracts diving enthusiasts from around the world. They come to explore its emerald lagoons teeming with marine life, ranging from macro to whale sharks through the manta rays.

Its 26 atolls with multiple islands, surrounded by hundreds of dive sites await you. You do not get bored in the exploration of its magical waters which are ideal conditions for diving all year round.

Our dive cruises to suit all levels of diving. Whether you are a beginner or experienced, the Maldives offer a wide variety of sites that match what you are looking for. This is not surprising that the Maldives are considered one of the best diving destinations in the world.

Recommended Diving Liveaboards


From 196 USD/Day
Adora is a brand new diving Safari boat which start operating since October 2014, it offers 7 nights and up to 2 weeks liveaboard trip in the Central and Southern Maldives. It can accommodates 20 (...)

Carpe Novo Explorer

From 174 USD/Day
Carpe Novo Explorer is a professional dive yacht running by Explorer Ventures Fleet, it offers different dive routes in the Maldives according to the season, it can sleeps max. up to 22 guests. (...)

Conte Max

From 263 USD/Day
CONTE MAX was built and launched in the Maldives in 2004, and this liveaboard is able to offer custom route to the Maldives, for the beauty both above and below the sea surface. ### Liveaboard (...)

Duke of York

From 289 USD/Day
Duke of York was built and launched in the Maldives in 2010, this yacht is the ideal solution for a fantastic sea adventure at the Maldives. ### Liveaboard **Duke of York** is 36-metre long and (...)

Emperor Atoll

From 180 USD/Day
Emperor Atoll is built to high, comfortable standards. Perfect as a 'liveaboard taster', it dive all around Centre of Maldives. ### Liveaboard **Emperor Atoll** measures 26 metres and (...)

Emperor Leo

From 189 USD/Day
Emperor Leo is part of the "Emperor Fleet" - a guarantee for professional cruise management and safe diving. it offers different routes in the Maldives, can host 24 guests. ### Liveaboard (...)

Emperor Orion

From 229 USD/Day
Orion is another Luxury boat part of the Emperor Fleet that host 24 pax onboard in 12 cabins. All services and amenities onboard have been made to give you confort and make your Maldives Trip a (...)

Emperor Serenity

From 236 USD/Day
Emperor Serenity is a brand new high quality liveaboard that offering different dive liveaboard routes in the Maldives, and it also provide free nitrox fro divers, it can accommodates up to 26 (...)

Other Choices

Emperor Virgo

From 174 USD/Day
Virgo is an exclusive liveaboard running by the Emperor Fleet, it offers different routes in the Maldives and can host up to 18 guests per trip. ### Liveaboard **Virgo** is the latest addition (...)

Fun Azul Maldives

From 194 USD/Day
Fun Azul Maldives is the new boat of Fun Azul Fleets, launched in Maldives in late August 2013. It provides diving liveaboard trips in both Central and Deep South of Maldives according to the (...)

Leo Force

From 211 USD/Day
Leo Force is one of the most luxurious liveaboards in Maldives, it offering different routes in the central and South of Maldives from 7 nights to 2 weeks, It can accommodates 20 guests. ### (...)

Nautilus Two

From 225 USD/Day
Nautilus Two is a traditional Maldivian boat running by Maldivian Nautilus Fleet, it offers 7 nights and up to 2 weeks liveaboard trip in the Central and Southern Maldives. It can accommodates 24 (...)

Ocean Divine

From 338 USD/Day
Ocean Divine is one of the most luxurious vessels in the Maldives, and offering liveaboard trip to different regions of Maldives. ### Liveaboard **Ocean Divine** was built in 2006, a labour of (...)

Ocean Oasis

From 225 USD/Day
Ocean Oasis called also Horizon 3 is a middle budget yacht offering multiple live-abord routes in the beautiful Maldives, it welcome divers, non-divers, as well as surfers onboard. ### (...)

Princess Ushwa

From 229 USD/Day
Princess Ushwa Safari Boat offers an exotic environment. All the Cabins are designed for your comfort. All the staff is on your duty to make your holiday memorable, with the Princess Ushwa, on a (...)

Scubaspa Ying

From 202 USD/Day
Scubaspa Ying is a new diving liveaboard, 50m long and 11.2m wide, with an unusual concept that desired by many divers, couples and groups. Scubaspa is offering a variety of packages to fit all (...)