South Maldives

As these atolls and islands are just at the southern edge of the country, they are more exposed to the migration routes and deep water habitat of big fish. The best season for visiting the southern atolls is from January to April, when the calmer north east monsoon dominates and weather and sea conditions are at their best.

Hammerheads can be seen year round at specific dive sites in Vaavu Atoll, and Whale Sharks are regularly seen nearby around Mulaku (Meemu) Atoll or Thaa Atoll, all south of Male. For Manta Rays it is always very common to encounter them also in Meemu Atoll. Almost all trips to the southern island group include a combination of these atolls and dive sites. Other major highlights are good chances of meeting eagle rays, sting rays and grey reef sharks on almost every dive, as well as plenty of tunas and trevally patrolling the outer reefs. All these big fish are attracted to the reefs for their profuse abundance of smaller plankton feeding fish that they hunt. There are also regular sightings of thresher sharks, oceanic white tips and tiger sharks in the southern area.

Most of the south-central trips are at least 7 days long, with deep south trips usually 10 days. Departure for the shorter central-southern trips are usually to or from Male one-way down connecting to Kadhadoo Airport on Laamu Atoll. For the very furthest southern trips, guests should take short scenic flights from Male to Kahdheedhoo Airport on Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll, with liveaboard departure and return from there. Diving is usually always finished by mid-afternoon on the penultimate day, following with strict Maldivian rules that all divers obey a 24 no-fly surface interval before departing. For trips to the Southern Maldives it is recommend for a 10 day cruise to have time to explorer the region properly.

Recommended Diving Liveaboards


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Leo Force

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Other Choices

Blue Horizon 2

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Carpe Novo Explorer

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Carpe Novo Explorer is a professional dive yacht running by Explorer Ventures Fleet, it offers different dive routes in the Maldives according to the season, it can sleeps max. up to 22 guests. (...)

Carpe Vita Explorer

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Diving Liveaboard with Carpe Vita Explorer who begins service in February 2011, she is a very exciting and luxurious 125 foot wooden-hull safari yacht, along with her 65-foot custom matching (...)

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Emperor Orion

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Fun Azul Maldives

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Fun Azul Maldives is the new boat of Fun Azul Fleets, launched in Maldives in late August 2013. It provides diving liveaboard trips in both Central and Deep South of Maldives according to the (...)

Princess Haleema

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Sharifa is a comfortable liveaboard with good standard and reasonable price, it provides diving liveaboard trips to the Central and Southern Maldives according to the best diving seasons. It can (...)